How To Win A Lottery

Yes, I have won the sweepstakes – Twice. And no, I do not perform sweepstakes the way 99% of the inhabitants performs. Perhaps essential is the point that very few several weeks go by without me having at least a little win of some type.

My bigger victories include: $1,374,196, $1,008,742, $76,500, $19,612, $15,569, $15,334, $12,565, $10,658, $7,751 and $5,554 – and we will tell you where you can see evidence later.

But first, a amount of realistic look. These victories have been over a interval of 6 decades – so obviously we do not win weekly. Anyone who guarantees you the key to successful sweepstakes weekly is offering reptile oil – no ifs, no buts. What IS possible is a frequent little win of $20-$100, plus a sweepstakes strategy technique that considerably increases your possibilities of successful the big one. So what do we do that is different?

ORGANIZE The Lotto Numbers

We ORGANIZE the sweepstakes figures – rather than try to PICK the figures. This is the Huge Jump that has considerably “improved our fortune.” Despite over a 100 century of evidence that no-one can PICK the 6 successful sweepstakes figures, most gamers proceed with an strategy that has never worked!

Making sure you have all 6 successful sweepstakes figures is very easy – Play ALL of the sweepstakes numbers! Not too difficult, but it will get more complex. At its easiest, enjoying the following several records in any 49-number, Pick-6 sweepstakes GUARANTEES you have ALL the successful sweepstakes figures somewhere in your overall entry:






As you will see later, we do NOT recommend enjoying like this – it is provided for convenience, so that you can see the idea. Later, we will explain to you a much better strategy.

Your big argument is probably that there are TEN john oczypok figures, not six. Again, aspect of our sweepstakes strategy, and in this post we explain to you two methods to use 10-number records.

Match Your Expenditure to the Lotto Jackpot

A reality most sweepstakes gamers skip – The price of enjoying and the possibility of successful are the same – whether you are enjoying for $1 Thousand or $100 Thousand. At $1 million, I would be enjoying alone, with a $30-$50 outlay only. At $100 Thousand, I would still be enjoying with a $30-$50 outlay BUT would be a aspect of with 19 others so that our combined share is $600 – $1,000. No-one will pay more cash than they can manage – but by combining our initiatives we can organize a bigger, wiser access.

Lottery Systems

Since the price of enjoying sweepstakes varies all over the globe, this has to be a common review. Keep in mind that 10-number sweepstakes entry? Well, at an personal stage, we need a “cut-price” way to perform. A “full” Lotto program 10 needs you to perform 210 activities (that is how many 6-number blends there are in 10 numbers).

For 5 places of 10 figures, that is 1,050 activities in complete – within the funds of 20-30 individuals combining their initiatives for a large jackpot feature.

However, well outside the individual perform funds we recommend ($20-$50 per week). But – if you perspective your 10 figures as 5 couples, any 3 couples from 5 couples can be completely protected in just 10 activities, or 50 activities overall. So, if 3 of your 5 couples consist of the 6 successful sweepstakes figures – you have hit the sweepstakes jackpot!

The Supportive Approach

The “Cooperative Approach” has been a foundation of our achievements. When the sweepstakes jackpot feature is nuts, we all perform alone. When the jackpot feature begins to expand, we come together and share our sources for a serious strike.

You can do this as children members, a office combined, or ask your sweepstakes broker to arrange a Team Entry.

With $100 Thousand on provide, 20 individuals still get to take house $5 Thousand each. Unusual as it may seem, $5 Thousand is better for your wellness and well-being than one individual successful $100 Thousand – but that is a whole new content (if you don’t believe me, Search engines what has occurred to champions of large sweepstakes jackpots).

In any other area of lifestyle we identify the value of combining sources and a cooperative way to troubleshooting. Not when enjoying sweepstakes. The sweepstakes could modify your lifestyle – isn’t it a chance to take a wiser strategy than, “I want it all!”

Understand The Game

Can you tell me the actual possibility of successful the experience you individually play? Most individuals have either no idea, or only a unexplained idea. That is a bit like purchasing one team, one basketball, going off to the Tennis Club – ajohn oczypok nd anticipating to hit an opening in one, without just one lesson! Understand about your sweepstakes – we provides you with some guidelines below – the more you know, the better you go.

Odd and Even Lotto Numbers

Odd and Even sweepstakes variety styles are exciting. Did you know that a sweepstakes outcome that has 3-odd + 3-even figures is around THIRTY periods more likely to come out than a sweepstakes outcome that has 6 figures all even or all odd?

As an example, let’s take 1,000 outcomes from the New Shirt 6-49 Lotto. 334 activities finished with 3-odd figures + 3 even figures – a outcome you can anticipate, on frequent 1 7 days in 3. Two Odd + Four Even figures taken into account 224 of the 1,000 New Shirt sweepstakes outcomes, and Four Odd + Two Even figures taken into account 233 of the 1,000 outcomes.

These three outcome kinds taken into account 791 of the 1,000 activities – almost an 8 several weeks out of 10 occurrence!

In comparison, only 10 activities had all odd figures, and only 10 activities had all even figures. Out of 1,000 games!

It is this type of “Lotto Intelligence” that keeps the activities you perform in range with the type of outcomes of outcomes that happen most consistently.

Consecutive Lotto Numbers

Again, Successive Lotto Numbers are remarkably. For 6-ball sweepstakes activities you should never be enjoying 6 figures which consist of more than 3 consecutive figures.

Taking our 1,000 outcomes from the New Shirt 6-49 Lotto again, we see the following: 512 activities had NO Successive figures, and 388 had only two consecutive figures. Between them, the two result-types taken into account 900 of the 1,000 activities – or, a outcome you could anticipate, on frequent, 9 several weeks out of 10! john oczypok

This of course is for a 6-number outcome. If we were enjoying 5 places of 10, I would recommend enabling up to 3 consecutive figures in any 10, but no more.

Lottery Number Sectors

In selecting our sweepstakes figures, we split the complete sweepstakes figures into 3 areas. For a 6-from-49 sweepstakes, this is 1 to 16, 17 to 32, and 33-49. For most several weeks, the 6 successful figures will consist of between 1 and 3 figures from each industry. Now, with our 10 variety program we can make sure each set of 10 figures contains 3 from each industry (with 4 from one sector). This exercise of related the activities we perform to the most generally happening outcome is what we contact “Lottery Profiling™.” First, figure out from the sweepstakes record the outcome that happens most regularly – then reflection that in your sweepstakes access.

For our New Shirt 6-49 example, 669 of the 1,000 fit this “Profile.” This is comparative to 2 several weeks out of every 3.


There are “smart” methods to perform sweepstakes, and there are “dumb” methods to perform. To perform intelligent, you first need to collect Intellect about what performs most often in your sweepstakes – then you need to framework an access to suit that Information. The next phase is to set up a “Cooperative” to share resources for large sweepstakes jackpots. Lastly you need a Lotto program. Discussing of which, here is how we would framework the 5 System Tens we began with:






Note that each set of 10 has 5-odd and 5-even figures (no activity can be all-odd or all-even, and most of our activities drop in the “Smart Play Zone™.” Secondly, there are few consecutive figures. Lastly, there are 3-4 figures from each industry. (Note that 46 has been more than doubled, to get 25 odd/even numbers; It was 1 in the unique set).




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